Homestake Nursery

The Growing Concern has acquired Homestake Nursery in NJ. Homestake Nursery specializes in growing medium to large caliper trees 3″ and up. We have large evergreens and ornamental evergreens – 6′ to 30′. We carry shade trees such as Oaks, Maples, Lindens, Cherry’s, Crabs, Plums, Hawthorn’s, Pears, Zelkova, Locust, Birch, and London Plane Trees – to name a few. In the evergreens we have White Pine, Serbian Spruce, Norway Spruce, Colorado Spruce, Montgomery Spruce. Additionally, our beautiful ornamental evergreens complement any landscape project. We invite you to browse our website and examine just a sampling of the products we have to offer. We look forward to working with you and serving your specimen tree needs.