Chris McGoldrick

Chris McGoldrick is a lifelong Darien resident with 30 yrs of experience in landscape architecture, landscape design and garden management.

A graduate of University of South Carolina, he started his company,The Growing Concern, with a focus on customer dedication and attention to detail. A hands-on-manager, Chris is always available for client discussion on any lawn care, plants, shrubs, tree removal, drainage, problems, pavers, patios and walkways, residential and commercial. He has served on the Darien beautification board for 12 yrs, and is a member of CNLA (Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association).

Chris and his staff at The Growing Concern have been doing my landscaping for fourteen years. This has ranged from formal design of landscape plans, implementing the design, maintaining the project, and designing and constructing stone walls. It also includes annual mulching of gardens and preparing them for the seasons. Their response to requests is fast, thorough, and professional. You don’t stay with a service provider for fourteen years unless you are very satisfied.

The Darien YMCA recently completed a major building renovation – much of which included completely new and extensive landscaping. The design and installation was managed by the Growing Concern.  We found that the Growing Concern provided the best quality products and services at the most reasonable rates.  Although several seasons have since past, Chris and his crew consistently put forth the extra effort necessary to keep everything thriving and beautiful, and we are all very proud of the esthetics of our surroundings.  If you’re interested in new, creative ideas in outdoor landscaping, or if you’re just looking for basic services, I urge you to give the Growing Concern your first call.